Friday, October 05, 2007

limited free time should be used for sleep not blogging

gosh... i just cried myself silly watching the second last half of My Girl... although i've seen that movie so many times and it's probably more than 10 years old, it's still so sad to watch thomas j (macauley culkin) die... i must promise myself to never watch this movie with anyone around... i'd totally embarrass myself... since i'm not the crying-in-public kind of girl... in fact, if i were to be objective about myself, i think i'm really insensitive... not in-touch with my feelings and all that girly stuff... somehow, unwittingly i seem to have become some sort of "aunt agony" where people keep telling me their problems and their secrets and sometimes i don't feel like i have a right to know these secrets... i mean, i've always had an impression that when someone tells you a secret, you're supposed to tell them one of yours... but as i've said before, i'm not comfortable with telling people my secrets... and sometimes, i just can't think about any secrets that i have... which is totally bullshit because everyone has secrets... but yeah, back to the issue... i just wonder why some friends would trust me for a good advice when i myself am not living the perfect dream life... but nonetheless, it's touching to know that they value our friendship as much as i do... so ok, enough with all this talk of feelings...

just a random thought... some people think chewing gum looks cool... undoubtedly, some people look cool doing anything... but for the rest of us, trying to look cool may sometimes come off as appearing to imitate a cow in a grazing field... get the picture? constant chewing, got a certain rhythm going with the jaw movement... down, to the left, to the right and up etc... i don't have anything against gum chewing, in fact sometimes it's just refreshing after long hours of inactivity or after eating some onion-ey/garlic-ey foods... but i suddenly had this idea of comparing gum chewing with a cow pop into my head a few days ago... and i can't help suppressing a chuckle everytime i think about it... maybe i'm just going mental with all the immunology i'm supposed to be studying.

ooh... something funny happened today... actually, i think it's kind of sadistic for me to classify this as funny... anyway, on our way back home we nearly knocked down TWO mcdonald's delivery bikes. i'm sure they were from the ss2 branch... at first, delivery guy 1 swerved and abruptly cut in front of the car and as an automatic reflex dad swerved the car slightly in the opposite direction. split seconds later delivery guy 2 swerved from the other side... if dad had been travelling faster and turned his steering wheel a little bit further, that delivery guy would have stopped delivering! (get what i mean?)

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