Thursday, September 27, 2007

Grrrhhh... go ahead make my day!

what can you do when you are just so bl***y sick and tired of a person but can't get away? the situation's boiling and i can just feel a fatal spark is about to ignite an inextinguishable fire. just itching for a big blow up... something must be very wrong with one who just has to have a self-pitying period which ends with a massive quarrel every 6 months or so. if you are such a sensitive person (and no one is allowed to hurt your feelings), then could you please take care of how you treat others? this world isn't about taking, taking and more taking... how can you expect to receive anything if you don't give? nowadays, i feel it's best not to dwell on things too deeply because it'll all just boil down to "life isn't rosy, in fact it's full of rattling skeletons". maybe it's just me, letting things get to me... other people seem to not give a rat's ass about these things. there's just so much sh** i can put up with... and it's just so sad to say that part of the problem has arised because of the internet and all the poison that it has to offer. new users are just so gullible and 'over their dead body' would they admit to that... and so they proceed in trying to spread their poisoned mindset to anyone who will listen. not to forget that they pity (not compassion) and condemn those who refuse to be poisoned. how can one condemn every person they encounter just because they are not of the same thinking/intelect? isn't that a clear sign that one is self-righteous and doesn't practice what he preaches? one has no right to pass a judgement on another and declare that his is the ultimate and absolute correct judgement. if one has that mindset, then that person is implying that he is greater than God. and to proclaim that one still believes in God (but still maintain that mindset), is just contradicting oneself. it is so sad to see how warped a person's mind can become... negativity, delusional and inferiority complex... i've seen this in many elderly people. i think it's something that you grow into as life takes its toll on a person. you don't realise you're turning into that person until its too late and you are totally immune to yourself and think that the world is out to get you... that every person you set your eyes on are scheming to ruin your little comfort bubble. i mean, if you actually think about it, you are just like a speck of dust in the population of the world... do you think that you are worth the effort and time of millions of people around the world to plan your downfall? my theory is if you don't bitch with people, more often than not they won't bitch with you! if you don't give a person reason to hate you, they will not hate you. again, it's about giving and receiving. you give others a hard time, they'll give you back a hard time.

i started this post feeling really pent up with anger over an incident. but thankfully now i feel better and the hatred has subsided. i guess i'm not one who can talk my problems out with a person. whenever i do that, i just get more aggravated... e.g. the YV'07 concert incidents... still get that "omg, i can't believe that could ever happen!" kind of feeling. i prefer just writing in riddles so i can prove my point without actually revealing my problem... and only i will be able to understand what's all this ramblings about.

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