Monday, May 28, 2007

My ignorance!

a couple of days ago i was reading the standard operation procedure for the ferrous iron calibration method and i came across this apparatus called Erlenmeyer flask. somehow i seem to remember hearing of such an apparatus before but couldn't put a picture to it in my mind. so, i set about asking the lab technicians what it was. and they were like, "what's that? should be a volumetric flask... but we don't have 125mL volumetric flasks... hmm..." and in the end they asked me to just ignore that and proceed to the next step. so that was that!

when i read another method for a different procedure, i came across this Erlenmeyer flask again. and to prevent myself from sounding really brainless, i refrained from asking my supervisor (who was right next to me) what it was... vowing to look it up on the net as soon as possible. after so many days of forgetting (when i was online) and remembering (when i was at work), i finally got down to checking it out on wikipedia just a few minutes ago... and after all the enigmatic thoughts, turns out it's just another name for CONICAL FLASKS!!! i can't believe i'm so silly!!! (to cover up these silly mistakes/discoveries, i'm keeping it from the knowledge of the chemist and my supervisor... after all, they'll be contributing 40% to my assessment!)

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