Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Finally back...

my recent lack of activity on this page was caused by insufficient internet credit. however, now i have broadband! so hopefully i can do this more often. the following are just brief jottings on whatever interesting things (or whatever that comes to mind) that has happened to me recently.

i'm hooked on the left behind series!!! i've just finished book 8 and i can't wait to devour the last 4 books!!! ok, my favourite characters so far are ken ritz (but he got shot in the head), buck & chloe, david hassid (his character sounds so cool and professional!), mac & abdullah (they have very cute conversations...), chang wong (he's brilliant, angry and has both marks on his forehead!) and nurse hannah palemoon. i have to wait till saturday for the next 2 books... at the moment, i'm starting to read this book called "slave" by mende nazer (lent to me by my colleague). it's about an african girl kidnapped and sold into slavery. if the book is interesting, i'll post my comments next time.

i went back to SAS today to ask mr. jp to write me a reference letter for nottingham u. the "security guard" was so rude!!! i just wonder why do schools always employ weird-ass-good-for-nothing people as their security guards? i would sooner believe these people to prey on the school kids than an outsider! this remindes me of the smks9 guard... he took baths in the guard house's toilet and was seen half naked by school girls! and eventhough we do report these peculiar behaviours to the principal, nothing is done to rectify this problem... i suppose they'd rather wait until something disastrous DOES happen before they start taking action... well, unfortunately this is the mentality of our society (well, at least most of them...)!

it is confirmed that i am going to redang island from the 8th of may, 2005 to the 15th of may, 2005 for the seatru volunteer programme!!! those joining me are sook yeng, selina, jia huey (together with c pearl and a friend). i feel so bad and dissapointed that becca wants to but can't go! when someone backed out, i asked becca and she said YES but then i didn't know at the same time my friend had asked another classmate... and that classmate only confirmed the next day. i had to tell becca that there wasn't any place for her (max 6 ppl)... so sad... it would've been so fun with her!!! because she's energetic, positive and cooperative... best team mate! i had a dream that someone couldn't qualify and that becca was going to replace her!!! anyway, we've paid up our pre-payments so it's confirmed who is going to get to go.

we will be patroling the beach at night and measuring the turtle nests and helping about with the researchers. we'll also be allowed to scuba dive and hike. we'll be staying in huts with no electricity, handphone reception or any means of communications! it's a totally back-to-nature vacation... no luxuries... no pampering. i hope i'll enjoy this and learn something from it!

i'm planning on changing my handphone... however i don't know what to get. at the moment, my target is the motorola c650. my budget is about rm500 - rm600 so i don't expect to get a top-of-the-range phone. i just want something that looks nice, with reasonably good features and most importantly, able to make calls and sms!!!

i don't think i've described my kiddies here before. there are currently 8 kids in my class (age ranging from 2+ to 3 years old). i have to say that my favourite kid is sharlene. she's the smallest (in size) one in the class and still very baby-ish. she has lovely huge eyes and smooth fair skin! her voice is so cute and nowadays she sings along with the radio while colouring her exercise book! so adorable!!! and she's one of the shy ones in class! she used to say "uh-oh" (like the icq alert) and then she had a phase of "meow"-ing! my second favourite is jing wen. although she's quiet, at least she listens to us, teachers, and responds! she's helpful and a good girl. lately, we've trained them to say "may i go to toilet, please?" and she always ask the question with a shakey-want-to-cry voice! so funny... i guess she just has that kind of voice... she speaks cantonese so i'm lucky that i can understand her... the other day we were teaching egg-painting and she broke her hard-boiled egg so she started crying... she even cried in the toilet... and when she came back she said she wanted to "oi-oi"... i didn't understand her for quite awhile but eventually it dawned upon me that she wanted to sleep! so i took out the rubber mat for her. although she's not a smiley kid she's cute in her own way. number three has to be gwen. although she's a terror when the ringleader is around, she's just has the cutest facial expressions! she has dimples and is very fair and pudgy. today she peed in her pants because the teaching session was on when she asked to go to the loo. poor girl... but luckily she didn't cry or anything... in fact she was spritely after that! she's quite a chatty child and is one of the brightest. she loves to sing and do hand actions... very cute! (i think this kiddy goes to the reformed baptist church in damansara) the 5th cutie-pie is cedric. he has smooth fair skin and a cute blur face (like a puppy). he talks with a draggy tone, which is cute at times. however he has a very short attention span and it's so difficult to coax him to finish his work! most of the time he's very obedient and generous. and he's the only kid that finishes his bun every day!!! good boy. next is afiqah. she's a large girl (the only one i can't carry) and i was quite surprised when her grandmother said that she was a vegetarian... maybe it's a dieting program... anyway, she's the one who likes to do work... colouring and arts & crafts... one of the smarter ones. however she's a bossy kid (probably orders the maid around the house) and willful at times (doesn't want to share the toys etc). she responds well to praises. if it wasn't for her headstrong character she'd be one of my favourites too. next kiddie would be lik sem. these few days he's been quite a good boy, however he was one of the difficult ones from the beginning. he has an almost bald patch on his head (since birth it seems) and funnily his skin is quite rough... maybe even rougher than mine... he's a smart boy but he's also abit headstrong and has mood swings. he's the naughty boy of the class and likes to shout. but as i said, he 's been good for these two days... the next one is zi yi. she's the newest girl in class and she's quite matured looking. she does her work well and is quite bright. but her problem is simply walking out of class without any permission. she's the only girl with long hair... however her hair is very sparse... the last kid is yi thong (teacher's child). on her own she's quite amusing. however when with her friend gwen, she's the ringleader, always talking and picking fights. she's smart and has this uncanny way of acting (seems like an adult... maybe she's cunning in nature). the way to get her to do work is to threaten to leave her! this girl is the mistress of crocodile tears! she uses her tears to control people's mind!!! whoa!!!

so in a nut shell, that's my class above. i have to admit that there are good days and bad days... i don't know what causes them to be so... but well... i'm lucky i'm still standing :) there are other kids in the kindergarten that i like such as kylie (cute and sometimes abit creepy) and kar sen (good boy that has some sort of a lisp... "t" becomes "k") from mum's class and ka-yie (big eyes and lovely hair with a sense of humour) from mum's transport list.

ok that's all for now... someone wants to use the computer!

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